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This is what readers wrote in to say about DO's second issue:

It’s All in the Mix

From : Said Al Balushi
Sent : September 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : It’s All in the Mix

Your most recent issue contained, without a doubt the best mix of IT stories I’ve read in a long time. Please never lose your edge, or your taste for experimentation. It’s what will keep Digital Oman endlessly vital.

Said Al Balushi

Behind the Curtain

From : Ibtisam Al Faruji
Sent : September 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : Behind the Curtain

Congratulations on the interview with Omantel’s Sales Director, Marc de Marcillac. It was an intelligent and highly revealing read – it pulled back the curtain on Omantel. Moreover, the interview didn’t pull any punches and I applaud Omantel’s vision. I’m always curious to get an insight into how organizations like Omantel tick – now I don’t have to wonder anymore.

Ibtisam Al Faruji

Complain Online

From : Kinda Helmi
Sent : September 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : Complain Online

I read with great interest your Cool Stuff column – In fact, I loved the South African concept that allows disgruntled consumers the opportunity to anonymously air their commercial grievances via the web.

Kinda Helmi

Techie HR

From : Salwa Al Shukali
Sent : September 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : Techie HR

I work in HR and was fascinated by Mark Hobbs’ Technology Driven Human Resources column. HR is a hot topic in the Gulf and I thought Mark’s description of how technology is helping firms recruit and retain talent particularly relevant to Oman. I look forward to reading further installments.

Salwa Al Shukali

Game On

From : Badar Al Zadjali
Sent : September 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : Game On

I attended the recent e-Games conference ( organized by Knowledge Oasis Muscat and really enjoyed the Jamal Al Asmi and Ian Sharpe session on Gaming and Culture. So you can imagine how pleased I was to find columns by Al Asmi and Sharpe in the last issue of DO. Keep the gaming articles coming!

Badar Al Zadjali