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This is what readers wrote in to say about DO's first issue:

Hit the mark

From : Mohammed Al Rasbi
Sent : May 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : Hit the mark

Digital Oman really hit the mark - it's exactly what we need. The magazine gave me crucial IT information for all aspects of my business. In fact, I've not only put some ideas into action, but am already seeing some results. Roll on issue two.

Mohammed Al Rasbi

Pocket phone

From : Mohammed Al Maskari
Sent : May 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : Pocket Phone

I write to compliment you and your colleagues on an excellent magazine. I found the various Digital Oman columns (Arabic and English) to be insightful and enjoyable reading. Indeed, well done Dr. Graham Smith (The Truly Mobile Pocket Phone, pg. 30 - 32) not only were people from SQU and Knowledge Oasis Muscat talking about your review, but I met folk in various ministries who'd read the review too - I look forward to reading your column in the future.

Mohammed Al Maskari

Oman's Growing ICT Sector

From : Dalida Abdulnour
Sent : May 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : Oman's Growing ICT Sector

Digital Oman was an informative read - the various English and Arabic articles illustrated how vibrant Oman's ICT sector is. Indeed, it was more than apparent from the magazine's content that there's a great deal happening in this rapidly growing sector.

Dalida Abdulnour

On the button

From : Abdulqayoum Al Balushi
Sent : May 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : On the button

Excellent content. Well-rounded source of information - you told it like it is. I particularly liked the article by Jamal Al Asmi (Branding in the New Economy, pg 18 - 19), which was extremely interesting and well written - quite inspirational! Keep up the good work.

Abdulqayoum Al Balushi

Couldn't put it down

From : Tufool Al Dhahab
Sent : May 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : Couldn't put it down

Last weekend I picked up the first issue of Digital Oman with the intention of simply skimming through the articles. I'd like you to know that after I started reading the first article, I couldn't put the magazine down. The topics covered were interesting and practical. I'll certainly implement a tip or two from issue one. Keep up the good work and congratulations to you and your team for a fine magazine.

Tufool Al Dhahab

No hype

From : Karim Rahemtulla
Sent : May 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : No hype

With all the hype surrounding the Knowledge Economy, Digital Oman is a refreshing reality check. The first issue provided a balanced and intelligent view of the real issues, challenges and progress in ICT and I look forward to watching the magazine grow alongside the Sultanate's ICT sector.

Karim Rahemtulla

Table talk

From : Mohammed Al Balushi
Sent : May 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : Table talk

I like the content rich, tactical, Œhow-to' approach you've taken with Digital Oman. I thought the Table Talk column (pg. 8 - 10) was one of the best magazine interviews I've read in a long time. Keep doing what you do.

Mohammed Al Balushi

Raising awareness

From : Neil Turner
Sent : May 2005
To : Digital Oman
Subject : Raising Awareness

Awareness of new technology, its potential and ramifications is an important first step towards adoption. In its first issue, Digital Oman did an excellent job towards this.

Neil Turner