News in Q1

Oman's ICT news bytes for the first quarter, plus a brief round-up of events coming up in the next few months. » more

Table Talk

Table Talk - roundtable discussion with some of the best brains in the new world of work. It's a conversation among change agents from some of Oman's biggest and best-known organisations. » more

FMS How fast can it grow?

With the recent deregulation and privatisation initiatives undertaken by the Omani telecommunication authorities, one wonders, how the Sultanate’s telco industry will develop. In this article Eyab Al Hajj takes a strategic look at FMS - fixed to mobile substitution - a technological development that is impacting on our businesses and leisure time. » more

Being your own master

Today, we have a new type of tech savvy consumer - folk that have created their own playgrounds, their own comfort zones, their own universe. It's an empowered, better informed and switched on consumer. » more

Branding in the New Economy

The aesthetic appeal of a product or service is really that influential in our purchase decision process, and our primal instincts are, for the most part, really that simple. » more

Time for Questions

In our ICT age managers of organisations and their departments need to ask more questions. ICT is making easier both the creation and storage of new data and the processing of existing data. The result is that we are surrounded by data. » more

What's your game, Pal?

DO caught up with Petr Hosek, Senior Sales Manager, Multimedia, Nokia Middle East and Africa to ask, "What's your game, pal?" » more

The better the website the better the business

33% of Internet users believe companies found in top search results must be a major brand - indicating that top rankings transmit brand equity. » more

National ID programme, first in the region

The Digital Society projects aims to propel Oman fully into the digital age and transform Oman's dependence on oil revenues. » more

The truly mobile pocket PC/Phone

The Pocket PC is a stylus or pen-entry device small enough to hold in your hand or slip into your pocket. » more

What is Digital Oman magazine?

Digital Oman (DO) is a full-colour quarterly, bilingual, information communication technology magazine published by the Oman Establishment for Press, News, Publication and Advertising (OEPNPA) in co-operation with the Information Technology Technical Secretariat (ITTS) at the Ministry of National Economy and Oman's newly-launched Technology Park, Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM). DO is also supported by key domestic organisations, these are: Bahwan CyberTek, Bank Muscat, Nawras, Oman Arab Bank, Omantel, Oman Mobile, PDO, Siemens and the OMZEST Group. DO is written specifically for those who need a forward-thinking analysis of global ICT news, views and trends and hands-on examples of new ICT ideas that will be making an impact in the near future. DO offers an inside look at the ICT landscape and the people driving its development in Oman and profiles innovative companies and individuals so you are aware of the major ICT players in the country. Indeed, it is the magazine's mission to be a premier regional ICT resource, one that serves business owners, managers and professionals while acting as a catalyst for growth in the Sultanate of Oman. Every quarter DO is released via OEPNPA's two daily newspapers - Oman and The Oman Daily Observer - copies are also placed in hotels, embassies, airports, chambers of commerce, healthcare facilities and other locations where it can be read by business, government and education leaders. DO can also call on the international expertise of ICT writers at the Financial Times - OEPNPA has exclusive intellectual property rights for the use of FT material in the Sultanate. The staff members at DO are committed to helping grow and unite the Sultanate‘s ICT community. Please send any comments or suggestions you may have to: